Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Sunday, September 27, 2015

We managed to pull off a miracle!!!

Hey guys whats up!!!!
So this week we managed to pull off a miracle!!!!! Throught the entire week we worked super hard with one big family in order to marry the parents and baptize the rest of the family. In order to marry Felipe and Margarita we needed to take out a bunch of papers and identities. We finished up all the papers Tuesday. In the same day we had to take all the papers to a lawyer in Leon, who is a member of the church. She was really awesome and even came to La Paz Centro to marry the couple. If she had not have helped us out we would have had to pay 800 to 1000 cords and travel to either Nagarote or Leon. On Friday I went to Mombo Tombo to do divisions with Elder Spence from Utah. He is an awesome elder and is picking up Spanish super fast. While we worked in Mombotombo Elder Gibbs, our district leader, worked with my comp elder Lopez doing interviews for all of the people who were going to get baptized. While they interviewed elder Spence and I threw fire in Mombotombo. During this time I had the opportunity to practice what Elder Lopez taught me. When I first came to La Paz Centro I taught by memory because I couldn't really do much else. Two weeks into the change Elder Lopez told me I should change up my teaching techniques. This was pretty tough for me because teaching from memory is pretty easy. He helped me stop teaching from memory and start teaching by the Spirit. He helped me make friends with the people here, talk with them , ask them  questions joke with them, and search for the problems that they need help with. In Mombotombo I realized how much Elder Lopez helped me. I didn't know the people we were teaching but after a few minutes of genuine conversation I saw the problems, the doubt, and the fears they had, and with the help of Elder Spence we set goals for them, answered their doubts and helped them get back on track. To finish off the day of divisions we drank some coke and ate a couple mangos.
Back to the baptism story. On Saturday 7 people made a change in their life and got baptized, Felipe and his wife Margarita, the mom of Felipe Leila, the sister of Margarita Carin, and the two nephews of Felipe Jaser and Jose. Another young man was baptized as well, he is from a different family, and  his name is Kevin. It was a crazy fun and spiritual time. That night we helped throw a party for them because they relly have no money, barely enough to feed their family. The next morning by another miracle we managed to bring all 7 to the church to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost to complete their baptism. Unfortunately we were not able to baptize the mom of Kevin. This was a big surprise for us. We have had several very powerful lessons with her and her family. This made Elder Lopez and i a little disappointed but its all good we are going to continue to pass by and visit with her.
Thats all for this week guys, we have pics but the computer is not working so we will have to wait till next week.

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