Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th Condega

Hey guys I don't have much time to write, sorry.  But there are 6 people in the district. The most awesome member is Rosa and the area is really humble and accepting!!!! I gtg guys sorry, but I love you a ton Hayden and Alex thank you for writing me.  ( I sent him Prom photos and band concert photos of his brothers)  Hayden so swag!!!! Alex so dope and so grown up man I'm so pumped for you!! Sorry guys, I didn't have much time to write this week but here are some awesome pics of the pupusas we made!!!!!

Love you

April 18th

Hey guys the week went well,

I feel kind of bad though, because I  ran out of stuff to talk about.  It either went well or it didn't go well.  BUT, Everything was cool this week. When you go to church and keep the commandments God recognizes that you want to succeed and he helps you out with your dreams and your goals.  You can and will accomplish so much in this life, you just gotta play it cool and do the things God needs you to do.  When you're tempted just look the other way, and chase your dreams and do what's right.  We are going to pass by more frequently to help the members out. "The street of Gold" came to church again.  The husband is super awesome and super receptive and wants to change but certain things and his friends are not helping at all. We have faith that he will change and we have plans to pass by every day to keep him progressing. This week, thanks to my companion Elder Alfaro, I learned that in the mish you gotta balance the animo of the members. If they aren't excited then everything falls. As missionaries we gotta be excited and happy. We just gotta keep fighting with a smile on our face.  God loves you and he is super pumped to help you out, but to get his help you gotta help him out.

Love You Guys!!!

This blog was written using pieces from his letter this week and a letter to our family.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 11th Branch President

Hey guys this week went fantastically.
So, I'm sitting outside our house.  It's morning time.  I just finished washing my clothes  by hand, and now I'm writing a letter to you guys while laying in my hammock.  The week went pretty well.  I experienced my first Sunday in Condega, and it was pretty awesome.  Here in Condega the church is just beginning.  We meet in a sewing shop, and I am Branch President.  I really like it, but it is definitely a challenge.  The Lord has blessed me with a lot of responsibilities, but at the same time a huge opportunity for success.  I am still district leader, and I am training.  
We are working in an area so new that it's only been about in existence 5 or 6 months  It is very difficult, but I am learning a lot.  My zone leader, Elder Ferrin, has helped me a lot, and has taught me a lot about how to be a district leader.  With these responsibilities my point of view has changed a lot.  I feel as though I am becoming the missionary and person that God wants me to be.  I have become more patient and I have obtained a work ethic that will help me so much in the future.  
It was a toughie,  but in the end everything worked out super well. We managed to bring a family of 9 to church. Right now we are working in El Valle de Jesus, a cool little part of town that is super receptive. One of the streets has a woman that is going to get baptized. She showed us to her daughters, the daughters showed us to their friends, so now we are teaching almost the whole street. It's going really well here.  we finally managed to grab ahold of the area and find some super awesome people!!!!!!  I want to thank you Mom and Dad for putting up with me and getting me out on the mission.  These experiences I have had and will have are changing my life.

April 4th

Hey guys,
The week went pretty well. My new companion is from El Salvador.  Elder Alfaro and I are working pretty well, but I know we can do better.  Condega is a poorer area, and it is hot much hotter than my previous district.  Our area Condega, has a huge amount of potential and we are barely scratching the surface. It's different than  La Trinidad. There are not many churches here.  The members in this area are super awesome. One member in particular is named Hermana Rosa, she passes by all the converts and members, and works with us frequently. Conference was super great, I loved it!!  Hey guys I'm so glad to hear from you.  Thank you so very much for writing to me.  I really do appreciate it.  It makes my week so great.  

 You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

March 28th

Hey guys this week was a toughie, but so worth it!!!

This week was Semana Santa and in Semana Santa everyone stops working to honor the week...but then they go to beaches and rivers to drink and party, so its a lil crazy. Alright, Easter hear is pretty crazy, for spring break they do this thing called Semana Santa and it's in all of central america. All the cities basically shut down, and all the people head to lake oceans and rivers to drink and swim. Unfortunately, not many people can swim, and not many can drink responsibly, so people end up drowning. It all went well though, we saw some cool catholic parades going around town.  Around Wednesday and Thursday the streets were dead, there was not anybody in the streets and almost all our investigators went to visit family. It all went well though , Hermana Izmara got baptized and confirmed, she is so very cool and has a pure, real desire, to change her life. On Sunday we brought 3 people to church and everything went well. After church we recieved the call that I had changes and I was going to Condega with Elder Alfaro its so dope!!!!!!!!!! Everything is going well guys I love you a ton!!  Im training again and I'm still a leader I am so grateful.  
Elder Alfaro and Awesome Wing Place
My new companion Elder Alfaro and I ate an awesome wing place!!! My new area is still in our zone.  It's like 2 hours away from my old area I'm still in the sam zone.  I was so worried.   I loving being a leader because I learn so much and I have the opportunity to help more people in the district.  It's cool.
 On Sunday, we brought 3 people to church and confirmed Hermana Izmara, she super awesome. She had some doubts in the beginning but her friends helped her out and gave her a good bro talk to pump her up!!!! The change we had was alright, we worked, we baptized, but I know that there were certain things that we could have done better. I'm grateful because Elder Ajquejay taught  me how to work and work hard.   You guys have a ton of potential and Satan knows, he wants to beat you and trick you so keep being dope and don't do what everyone else does!! Dad love you goo bear you dope. Mom your amazing.  I'm so glad you brought top new techno stuff to your class!!! take care guys!!!! love you!!!

March 21st

 Well, something that made my testimony grow this week was, after days of fighting, and days of praying, asking that things get better, things just got better.  Our problems are lessening and just everything is just getting brighter. Hermana Danie surprised me this week. When we passed by her to bring her to church she told us that her back hurt and that she wouldn't be able to go. We shared a scripture and helped animate her a bit.  In the end she went to church!!!!  A giant miracle, because the rest of our investigators didn't come, but it's all good.  Well, the week has been getting better. Nothing to crazy happened. More than anything this week, surviving was the achievement. My companion Elder Ajquejay and I have plans to better our way of working. I am very grateful for my companion.  He is a very hard worker and works very efficiently. Sometimes the hardest part is just keeping up with him. I know we will have more success this week.

March 14th

Hello everybody,
This week brought a whole to meaning to bite the bullet. We had a lot of success. We found some new people and we managed to baptize someone, BUT, the family talked him out of getting confirmed. I learned that when it comes to people's salvations we can't let even the littlest things slip or everything explodes. The young man was super awesome and ready, but his mom, his friends, and neighbors started throwing doubts into his mind, rumors and little things. He is going to get confirmed next week, but still it was a tough one. I learned that Satan works very well making people lose hope and getting dis-animated. All the people did was dis-animate our convert with little things. I don't have any photos because my camera needs to be replaced.

March 7th

Hey guys the week went well,

We didn't have a ton of success, but we have finally stabilized. Now we just need to work on climbing again. We have learned a lot in this area and we are making progress. The biggest thing that I learned this week is that the mission, and life in general is tough, and sometimes you don't want any part of it. But at the same time it is the sweetest thing. In this area I've passed through dark times without much hope and I've passed by times with a ton of animo, but it's all just great. I've learned that when life gets tough and there isn't hope you just gotta keep pushing forward even though its tough. After working and busting your fanny there always comes a new dawn of hope to help you out. Just stay clean, stay strong, because God will help you out and will make you stronger because of your tough times. This week we are going to work hard.