Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bueno this week I finished my second change in Nicaragua, and I also finished my training. We began the week with a birthday party for a recent convert. We played games, laughed alot and took some crazy pictures. We also had the opportunity to listen to a live mariachi band.
They played 10 or 12 songs for us, and even made a custom song for Anayansi the Recent Convert.

 Later in the week we met up with our Pilas (super positive, energetic, pumped) family in Divino who are investigating the church. We taught them the Restoration, and they loved it. They had a lot of questions and we were able to answer all of them. The father has stopped smoking and drinking and is working with his neighbor to stop smoking as well.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting in Managua with Elder Duncan, a really important leader in the church. He spent a few hours teaching the entire mission, including Presidente and his wife, the plan for Central America and more specifically Nicaragua. From this point forward, missionaries will not be baptizing new memebers. All baptisms will be done by the youth or other memebers of the church. Also, we were told to stop contacting without members. We were taught that if we use menos activos, and other memebers to find people we will have more success and the ward members will grow spiritually as well. I saw the effects immediatley. The people we find with members are ready for the gospel and the members who teach with us learn as well. On Thursday we did divisions with the elders from Corinto. I led a lesson with an inverstigator in Divino. This man has 3 kids and his girlfriend left to guatemala and closed all communication. He is raising 2 of the three kids by himself in a small tin shack. He drinks as a distraction but wants to stop.
Hermanas Santilas & Leon, Elders Pozuelos, Perkes, Reese, and Scaggs

We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end I extended the invitation to be baptized. He said, he wanted to learn more before he made any commitments. I felt a little dumb afterwords because I was not thinking of the investigator. I only extended the invitation because that was the routine. Missionary work is not a routine. We need to constantly be listening to the spirit, ready to act on the promptings we receive. Friday we brought Henry and Jessica to a baptism. They loved it and felt the spirit very strongly. Afterwords they invited us to eat Nacatamales.  Nacatamales are green tamales with all sorts of meat and vegetables. Dad Mom Hayden and Alex you guys would love them!!!!!! Unfortunatley we also had changes this week. Right now I am with Elder Dunford en La Florida but my area is called la Pedro. Elder Dunford is awesome we are going to do some serious damage in Chianandega with these next 6 weeks. Love you guys have a good week .
Your boy in Nicaragua

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alright guys this week was fairly chill until Wednesday, when we had a meeting in Managua with Presidente. (Managua is 2.5 hours away)  We rode the bus. Those rides are hot, and they are long, but they are also fun. The Nicaraguan's play American music from the 70's a lot. This meeting was definitely a game changer. Thursday we worked in our area, then Friday we had another meeting with Presidente in Estela. Two zones attended this meeting, Chinandega and Chinandega Oeste. We were taught a few things then split apart for intercambios. Every person switched companions for the day and were given specific goals to acomplish. I went to Corinto with Elder Cedeño for the day. We did not complete all of the goals, but we managed to accomplish a great amount of things in very little amount of time. I was given many opportunities to practice my teaching skills. I love intercambios because they give me the chance to try different ways of teaching, and learn from other missionaires. We also managed to reactivate a drug addict from Divino. He has been having alot of trouble with crack, marijuana, and cigarettes, but now he is back on track and preparing for a mission. This week he has made a great amount of progress. He is reading in El Libro de Mormon, going to church, going to church activities, looking for a job, and working with us almost everyday. On Friday, Elder Reese met with one of this man's smoking friends. We taught him on Saturday and Sunday as well. The lesson on Sunday was very powerful. It began a little choppy, and he was a little offensive.  But, as the lesson progressed, and as his family joined us his whole attitude changed. By the end of the lesson he was set on changing his life and bringing his family with him. We set a date to marry and baptize their family. The spirit was very strong in the lesson. I know that this change is only possible because the Restored Gospel Of Jesus Christ is real. Anybody can change and reach their fullest potential in this life if they are willing to follow the pure teachings of Christ.
Thats it for me this week Love you guys!!!!

Photo of Elder Reese holding soda in a bag.
They sell soda and drinks in bags in Nicaragua. The table to the left is our desk.  Notice our closet in the background.

They get rid of their garbage differently down here, so the message on this wall is most ironic.
Don't throw garbage.  Don't be a pig.

More goofy photos in tiny vehicles.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bueno!!!! Hey guys, another week in Nicaragua has come and gone. This week we did not do divisions often. I spent the night in Corinto friday night. I worked with Elder Martinez, a killer Guatemalan. We talked  to some awesome people and set baptismal dates. For dinner, we ate pizza at a local pizzeria. The pizza of Corinto is famous, and I testify of its quality. Tripadvisor page Corinto Pizza Restaurant  The pizza down here does not have pizza sauce, so they squirt flavored ketchup on top. I am not the biggest fan of this type of pizza but it's alright. The next morning Elder Reese and I drove back to Chinandega where we split up again. I went with Elder Perkes to some town in the middle of nowhere, while Reese went with Elder Chen to Divino Niño. The town Perkes and I visited was very poor, and very very small. They only had wells and maybe 2 or 3 pulperias (stores). Divino has 2 or 3 on every street. Anyway, we drove around with a very patient cab driver for a while to find our investigator. We ended up going off-road.  The taxi was not in good shape, nor built for
off-roading so it got a little sketchy. In our area  Elder Reese and I found more than just a few converts who never come to church. Also, we reactivated a member who has problems with drugs and smoking. We have him commited to go on a mission and are actively helping him turn his life around. So far, he has gone on divisions at least twice in the last week.
Lunch Seta and Family
Elder Scaggs & Elder Smith
The wonderful lady in the middle feeds them lunch and dinner!
OH!  we also managed to bring most of our lunch seta´s family to church. Her name is Hermana Sandra, and she is a member but rarely attends church. Her oldest daughter is a member as well, but we are working with her whole family. Honestly, in just the past two weeks, we, especially Elder Reese, have made a difference in their lives. On Wednesday, Elder Reese highlighted a few points in the church magazine ...the liahona... and gave them to the two youngest daughters. Of course, we intend to baptize their family, but more importantly we want to strengthen them and give them the security that we have. I know that the Gospel will enhance their lives totalmente.
Photo from Google Chat on Mother's Day
This was outside the lunch seta's house!
 Also, we talked with our families this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had to talk with them. I have little to no time in Nicaragua, but with the little time I have, I realized that families are the only things we really have in this life. Everything comes and goes, but families don't. Enjoy your time with the fam guys !!!!!!!!
Your Boy Down in Nicaragua

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey guys, this week went great, even though it was a little bit crazy. In this mission the missionaries say harron azul alot. It means to do everything you can to accomplish something with out breaking the rules. It also means crazy attempts to do things. This week we had several harron azul divisions. I spent sunday night in the Zone Leader's house last minute. Then, later in the week Elder Martinez spent the night in my area, and the next day Elder Pozuelos, one of our ZL's spent the night in my area as well. Both know almost no English, so  divisions were a little difficult but worth it. My Spanish improved greatly, and my teaching skills as well. When I was with Pozuelos I started and ended every lesson, and he helped me out whenever I needed it. This week began the 6 months of rain. Tuesday night we had a monster lightning storm with rain. Right now the rain is average, nothing too crazy, but everyone has told me it turns into wild storms in a few weeks. I am enjoying the thunderstorms here. Each bolt of lightning is clearly visible and they are all sorts of colors. Unfortunately, when it rains all the ants want to come into the house, so I have been fighting off small ants that bite hard and large ants that fly and bight even harder. The biggest ones are the size of my thumbnail and have pincer teeth. This week I learned that The Book of Mormon is more important than we sometimes think. Many of the members in Nicaragua only read the bible out of habit. We always ask if they have been reading in El Libro De Mormon and they always reply with the bible. All of the members who do not read in the Book of Mormon are inactive and unhappy with life. We have been told in General Conference that if we read our scriptures, go to church to partake of the Sacrament, and pray everyday, we will be able to beat everything life throws out. I am seeing this in Nicaragua everyday. Members who live in tin shacks with plastic doors read, pray, and go to church consistantly, and they are happy. They are progressing, they make mistakes but they are improving. Those who are more well off  and have a house, feel as though they are safe, they don't read, they don't pray, and they do not go to church. They are not happy and they are not progressing. They do the same things everyday. One of our less actives takes pride in working on Sundays. She wears it as a badge of honor, when in reality she and her family are in a very sad state. If anything, I would like you guys to know this church is awesome. We have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Set goals temporally and spiritually. Don't take pride in things that really have no VALUE. Anyway, that's what I've got for you guys this week.
Peace out guys,
Your man Elder Scaggsy Boy Down in Nicaragua

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hey guys!!!! this week was great!!!! We spent a great amount of time hopping between cities in Chinandega. Most of our time was spent in Corinto. Corinto is a small beach town 30 minutes from the center of Chinandega. Unfortunatley we are not having much luck with our investigators. One investigator named wants to go to church but her boyfriend  tends to hold her back. We have had a lesson with the boyfriend before. In that lesson he seemed positive, but ever since that lesson we have not had much luck. Our other investigators are families. So far we have only had one lesson with the
mother. She has 2 little boys. She also seemed positive, but when Sunday rolled around she hid from us which was very disappointing. She sent her oldest son with us along with another little boy from a family who lives nearby. The other family already has two members living in the home. The woman who makes our lunch and dinner is a member as well as her oldest daughter. She has 3 daughters in total and the whole family is really cool. Elder Reese and I have really grown close to this family. They are starting to open up to us and hopefully with time they will all be baptized. Their home is sort of like the party house for the block, so every night they have a great amount of cool people out and about in the house. One of which is a 12 year old kid .

We like to mess with him, and he watches out for us. We live with a recent convert. He is  a super awesome member. He attends church almost every Sunday and helps us out whenever we need him. This week I learned that people really are the same. Everybody makes the same excuses, and everybody makes sort of the same mistake. I see a very dumb trend of being married and starting a family with someone else. I cannot count how many times we have worked with families up until the week of their baptism, and it turns out they are married and have lived with a different person for multiple years. I make sure to ask about their family as soon as possible now. Another trend is skipping church to work or wash clothes. The truth is we can all spare at least an hour for sacrament meeting, at least an hour. This week my Spanish has improved greatly. I still stumble through sentences, but right now I'm at the point where I speak Spanish with out thinking. Elder Reese has helped me greatly with this. My crazy story for the week happened on Wednesday. We were having a meeting with the ward mission leader. It went well but after words, a recent convert, who was present at the meeting, passed out. We were giving her a blessing, when boom she just slumped over on Elder Pozuelos. She did these weird spazms. She is better now. Anyway that's my week guys I'll see you next Monday