Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7th Volcano Erupts

I asked him some things in my letter and these are the questions and his responses.    Where did you get your boots?  What did they do with the boa constrictor after they killed it?  Have you gotten any packages lately, and if you do, please keep them until Christmas unopened if you can, so you definitely have packages to open Christmas day.  What do you do when you get up in the morning, what time do you usually eat lunch and how do you do that, do you still have  a lunch cita?  I got my boots at a paca, its like a Goodwill ! They left the boa constrictor in the street, I don't know why, they made a pretty big deal about leaving it right in the middle of the street. Oh man I got the Jurassic world package........I about died when I saw all the stuff.
 I wear the Jurassic world t-shirt to bed every night, and I love looking at the dino pics in the books!!!!!!!  Also, I loved the candy, cliff bar, and missionary book, it's helped me a lot with the work!!! So, I get up in the morning. I pray, and I work out. I do push ups lunges , jump rope and pull ups with a thick rope thing that hangs from the ceiling!! I've dropped ten pounds woooooo!!!! The chocolate milk diet!!! Our lunch cita makes us gallo pinto with cheese, and rice and beans, maybe some talks(?). Lots and lots of rice and beans. That's basically all we eat, but its not too bad. When we eat Burger King it makes us want to cry. It's super hot, not to humid right now because the rainy season is over, but wow its pretty hot,Chinandega was hotter though, when I was in Chinandega within five minutes of leaving the house sweat would be pour from my face and arms. There are a ton of stray crazy looking dogs here in Nicaragua. It makes me miss the clean ones! We have a real shower and it's it amazing!!! The area is pretty dope, the people we teach and the recent converts are like family to us. It's going to be tough leaving. I'm going to be here until Februrary! Love you guys you're AMAZING KEEP BEING DOPE, you have no idea how much I loved the messages and packages!!!
Nothing to crazy has happened this week other than that. We work we sleep and try cool new foods. 

This is what he wrote with this next picture.

also the volcano by our house blew up.......much love

Here's the link to an article about the volcano, nothing crazy happened this week my foot:)
Link to article on the volcano eruption.
Another link, this one has a video.
Well guys this week was a tough one. We were soaring pretty high then dropped super low. But no worries. We have plans to turn everything around. Nothing to crazy has happened this week. We are working more with members so that the church here has more of a base. We have seen that people are getting baptized but they are not staying because there is no friendship. The atmosphere on Sunday is very isolated and negative.
On Wednesday we all headed to Chinandega for a multizone conference with President. President dropped some serious bombs on us. He started by telling us that he has something for us that will change our mission. He told us that we need to work more with members in any form that we can, contacting with them, getting to know their friends and talking to all the people that live by them. We have seen how that has helped a ton. The people we find have a  friendship system set up. He also told us that if we want to bring families to church, whether they are members or just investigators we need to talk with the men. The men are the most difficult to change and the most dedicated. If we can bring one man to church he will bring his family and his friends. President has also told us that there are families waiting for us.  There is one family every week who is ready to be baptized. Our goal and our purpose is super easy and super simple, find them, teach them, and baptize them. Elder Williams and I are doing our best in La Paz. This week has not been the most successful but we know that this up coming week we will have a lot more success!!! 
Have a killer Christmas guys!!  

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