Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 8th

Elder Reese  Bethxi  Elder Scaggs

Hey guys just finished another week in Nicaragua!!!!!!! This week was a little on the crazy side. We started strong with menos activos and investigators. We placed baptismal dates and even ended the week with a baptism. The baptism we held on Saturday was for a young girl named Bethxi. Her family is menos activo but we reactivated them and taught their youngest daughter. She is very smart and picked up the lessons very fast. We also managed to reactivate a different family and bring 5 investigators to church. Now time for the crazy stuff. On Thursday Elder Dunford had just finished a baptismal interview and we were preparing to go back to our area when a white dude stopped us. He spoke english and he was from america. We taught him a little about our religion. Elder Dunford and I had a little trouble doing that in english. When we finished explaining he took over and began preaching to us about the hebrew name of Jesus and how he was sent from God to change the world. He said all religions were from man and that the whole world are sinners. During the lecture two girls walked by and he immediately turned to them and flirted with them. He asked if they were going to the gym and showed them his guns. He was a really weird dude.

The craziest part about the week was Saturday. The day started pretty relaxed, very hot like always, but around 6 it started to pour...then flood. we were up to our shins in water. All the streets we completely flooded. It was like walking through a river. We did not give up. We searched for people to teach. After practically swimming we stopped at a local investigators house and had the opportunity to meet her husband. We taught him that we do not worship Joseph Smith and a little bit about prophets. The Experience was very cool. After words we took a taxi home. Throughout the whole experience huge bolts of lightning were crashing all around us!!!! very fun Very crazy !!!! That's it from me this week guys love you!!!!!!

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