Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bueno this week I finished my second change in Nicaragua, and I also finished my training. We began the week with a birthday party for a recent convert. We played games, laughed alot and took some crazy pictures. We also had the opportunity to listen to a live mariachi band.
They played 10 or 12 songs for us, and even made a custom song for Anayansi the Recent Convert.

 Later in the week we met up with our Pilas (super positive, energetic, pumped) family in Divino who are investigating the church. We taught them the Restoration, and they loved it. They had a lot of questions and we were able to answer all of them. The father has stopped smoking and drinking and is working with his neighbor to stop smoking as well.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting in Managua with Elder Duncan, a really important leader in the church. He spent a few hours teaching the entire mission, including Presidente and his wife, the plan for Central America and more specifically Nicaragua. From this point forward, missionaries will not be baptizing new memebers. All baptisms will be done by the youth or other memebers of the church. Also, we were told to stop contacting without members. We were taught that if we use menos activos, and other memebers to find people we will have more success and the ward members will grow spiritually as well. I saw the effects immediatley. The people we find with members are ready for the gospel and the members who teach with us learn as well. On Thursday we did divisions with the elders from Corinto. I led a lesson with an inverstigator in Divino. This man has 3 kids and his girlfriend left to guatemala and closed all communication. He is raising 2 of the three kids by himself in a small tin shack. He drinks as a distraction but wants to stop.
Hermanas Santilas & Leon, Elders Pozuelos, Perkes, Reese, and Scaggs

We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end I extended the invitation to be baptized. He said, he wanted to learn more before he made any commitments. I felt a little dumb afterwords because I was not thinking of the investigator. I only extended the invitation because that was the routine. Missionary work is not a routine. We need to constantly be listening to the spirit, ready to act on the promptings we receive. Friday we brought Henry and Jessica to a baptism. They loved it and felt the spirit very strongly. Afterwords they invited us to eat Nacatamales.  Nacatamales are green tamales with all sorts of meat and vegetables. Dad Mom Hayden and Alex you guys would love them!!!!!! Unfortunatley we also had changes this week. Right now I am with Elder Dunford en La Florida but my area is called la Pedro. Elder Dunford is awesome we are going to do some serious damage in Chianandega with these next 6 weeks. Love you guys have a good week .
Your boy in Nicaragua

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