Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, January 18, 2016

December 28th

Hey guys,

Yep, I really enjoyed the call yesterday. It felt great seeing you guys again. You are so awesome, when I heard your voice again it made me so happy. I miss you so much. It's not a super horrible missing feeling but I definitley miss you. Thank you so much for arranging that mom. I could tell that you put in a lot of effort to coordinate it. Also, thank you for helping it to be organized mom, you are awesome, I love you so much. We are doing our best down here. On Sundays we usually get up and eat breakfast, then we leave the house at about 7 to bring people to church. Just recently we decided to sit with the families and actually walk them to church in the mornings. Every Sunday we end up blessing the sacrament and teaching the priesthood class. There are not many people in the church so the classes are pretty quiet. This past Sunday we brought one of our investigators named Juan. He helped us out a lot and brought some animation to the group. The Christmas party was fun.  We watched minions and had a talent show. They gave us microwaves and a fruit basket with apples grapes and chocolate. We also ate delicious Christmas food, like chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. I sincerely loved the packages, I love them everytime. They're awesome, but the truth is, to be happy here I don't need packages. Getting packages is awesome but it makes other missionaries feel bad, like the Latinos. They receive maybe one package in their entire mission. Also, to send a package, it costs 20 to 50 dollars. With 20 or 50 dolars here we can pay for a wedding, we can feed a few families, we can help a lot of people out with it. The gospel helps people a million times more than money because they have the opportunity to pull themselves out of sin and out of poverty. When we give people money its like a soda here a bag of bread there, a wedding here and dinner there, or we buy snacks for an activity. WE DO NOT NEED MONEY WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY,  but I would rather the majority of the money that goes to me for packages go to the people here. Plus, like I've said before, packages are cool but the only thing that I really want is to be with you guys again and its still not my time to go. Dad I like what you said about the Santa thing, we could do that but it would  be in a different more secretive way, so that instead of the money being linked to elder Scaggs or the missionaries, it shows up in the form of surprise food visits or activities with food and stuff. Dad I LOVED HOW WELL THE POLAR EXPRESS TURNED OUT. That is such an incredible experience. I'm sure that polar express movie made that kids year. The Polar Express is getting bigger and bigger each year. I'm so excited for you dad.  I can see that the Polar Express is making a big difference in the community. Thanks you for being such a great example to me dad. You have a natural way of just knowing how things work and you have touched a lot of peoples lives in the process. You have taught me a lot just by being the way you are. Keep being awesome dadeo.

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