Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 4th

 Sunday went well. We had pretty good attendance and we brought some investigators to church. We bare our testimonies every week.  So, being a "father" for another missionary has helped me learn a whole lot more and get better. New Year's Eve night we hung out with some members and our investigator Juan.
Hey guys!!!! This week went great. It was tough but it was great. We finally found a way to work efficiently. Before we couldn't crank out many lessons. Right now we are doing things short, and simple. We met some awesome people this week and are helping them progress towards baptism. One awesome awesome guy that we are teaching is called Juan. He is the brother or cousin of one of our recent coverts who is named Felipe. When we first met Juan he was a very gruff looking bago( street walker). One day we we started talking with him, which led to  a lesson, which led to him putting a goal to get baptized. He has not had much experince with churches but he has a fairly strong background in the basics. He prays alot and even prays over his food which is amazing! He learns very fast, and once you get him interested, he reads, investigates, and studies without us pushing him along. He is one of our favorite investigators. We have another family that lives out in the boonies.
Being Ridiculous with Maricela
We have David, Maricela, Urtencia and Ceiner.  The single mom that leads the family brings everyone along behind her. More than anything I learned how to keep the hope and excitement going even though the circumstances are so incredibly draining. I found a scripture that teaches us that we should be happy, we should not fear because our Lord is with us and understands us. If we are obedient, everything will work out fine even though we may need to pass through some tough trials. 

Williams, Scaggs, DeLeon, Ward, Spence, Crane
 Love you guys a ton see you later

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