Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th

This is my new comp Elder Lopez. He is from Honduras and he has one change more than me, so we are figuring things out together.  It rained on Wednesday so we busted out the jackets, Frog Togs are dope for hot weather but not with this kind of rain.  I don't have a ton of time this week but I'll fit in as much as I can. This week Elder Lopez and I worked a ton!!!! Unfortunately, before changes all the investigators in the Paz fell, including all the baptismal dates. Elder Lopez had high goals, and I am working on setting high goals so we went to work finding. Everyday we contacted 10 or 15 people while teaching less actives and recent converts. Tuesday, we found an older man and committed him to baptism in the contact. He is cool but we don't think he will last, he mostly just nods and says yes. Through members, we found the family of Santa Maria. Santa Maria is not a member, but his wife is a less active and their kids are not members either. We have worked a lot with them this week, and right now their three kids are preparing for baptism.  The father needs a little more time to get things in order, but he wants to get baptized. 

One of the recent converts of Elder Lopez lives on a farm way off in the distance, so we we walked there through mud puddles and forests.  It was cool, and it reminded me of the Lost World!!! We went there with mission leader, his name is Hermano Abel.  We also found an older lady who has stopped attending churches because she is confused by all the different doctrines. With the message of the restoration, we feel like she will progress, she only needs to go to church. On Saturday, Elder Lopez and I fasted to bring people to church, find people, and commit people to baptism. On Saturday we committed the family of Santa Maria to baptism, and on Sunday we brought 4 investigators to church, and the members brought 3 investigators to church for us.
We ate lunch at a members house on Sunday.  We ate beans with cream eggs and tortilla,  and then afterwords we ate some mango with salt and lime it was so dope!!!!!!
This week we plan work closely with the members. This week we also had the opportunity to work with members from the stake who are return missionaries, they were really cool. I worked with Hermano Pablo. We found some awesome people.

In the center of Leon there is a big cathedral, I think its the biggest in Nicaragua, but the lion is outside the cathedral, right by it there is a place called jugoso and they sell batidos.  They are so good oh my man!!! a lil expensive but dope !!!!

 I got a sick Nica bag for cheap!!! The pic with me and the bag is my area,  Most of it is paved with stone, but other parts are dirt and dust.     It's really windy here so its super fresh !!

These are the kids of our lunch ceta. She cooks lunch for us. They love to play Subwaysurfers like Hayden and Alex. Our lunch ceta is nice, She cooks a lot of rice though.... when I started I didn't mind, but now I'm hating rice. We eat it every single day.  We also eat a lot of dope juices made out of fresh exotic fruit   In the night we ate at a Fritanga...a vender of fried food. We all ate fat plates of chicken and fried platanos. It was super dope with a lil bit of coke!!!!!!!!!!!

To finish off the week we ate steak in Leon with Elder Dessauer and his comp Elder Torres!!!!!!!!! Oh man it was dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steak in Leon

The big volcano is Momtombo, there are a ton of volcanoes in Nicaragua!!!!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Question:  Did you get your birthday package yet?
Answer:  Thanks mom, and no I have not.  We get packages every two or three weeks!! Honestly though I don't need a ton of packages it's pretty expensive.  I only really need photos!!!! but thank you so much the packages are dope I just don't want to cost you guys a ton of money!!! 

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