Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29th La Florida

OH MAN!!!! This week was fantastic, though it started off a lil rough. Monday we taught a fresh set of investigators. They had a beautiful family of 4 and loved our message, but when we invited them to church  They told us it was the most important thing in the world to put in a latrine and they only had time Sunday. I said "its fine we understand". Later on my companion and I were talking, and we realized that we should be more direct and determined with the people we are teaching. El dia de reposo is a commandment of God and putting in a latrine could be postponed for 3 hours. After that we started rocking again. We found a lot of awesome people and placed 4 or 5 baptismal goals for people. The truth is, most will give up, but the dedicated will stay and that's what we want. Dunford has taught me that to baptize you need to find, and to find you need to work with members and contact people. This week we helped three people get baptized. The first person was 13 years old,and his name is Manuel. His parents are of 2 different religions, but we met him 3 or 4 weeks ago and he told us that he wanted to be a mormon and go on a mission. We had full support from his family. They even woke him up for church for us. We have had some great times with Manuel. The second `person is named Milton. He is a little older than Manuel, about 17 years old, but they are both much taller than Dunford and I. Both his parents live in Spain and his sister takes care of his 5 brothers. He spends most of his time with the family next door who are members. This family is the family of Bethxi our recent convert.

Milton does not talk much but he has plenty of support from the family of Bethxi and Walter the recent convert of Dunford and Spencer. Our third person is named Daynerzi. She is part of the extended family of Bethxi. We had a great amount of support from the family and we are working to reactivate parts of the family as well. Now with the crazy stuff this week. We had divisions Tuesday. I stayed in the area with Elder Gustafson from El Realejo. Elder Gustafson is the man. His teaching skills are very very good. He taught about the book of mormon with one of the families we are teaching, and it was the best speech i have ever heard. He included the family, used examples, and by the end I could see that the family could understand and feel the spirit. Later on in the week we met with a very rich, very friendly man, who lives in our area. His name is ___ and I have never spoken with him sober. The first time I met him he was wearing cowboy boots and being followed by  his servant. He brought him beer and followed in one of ___'s taxi.  _____ always gives us a big hug and likes to snuggle with my face, he also buys us juice Gatorade and snacks. I really don't believe we will baptize him but I think he would be the best convert ever!!! He reminds me of a Nicaraguan Doc Holiday. Anyway thats it for this week.
Love you guys!!!!!

Question:  Did you get your birthday package?
I did not get the package yet, but thank you in advance.

Question:  How was the birthday video we sent?
Hey mom thank you so much for making that video I loved it!!!! I like the grandpa pic when he pretended to be me!!!  Any kind of picture is amazing and thank you for the spiritual note you gave me!!!!!

Question:  Did you get the camping shower in your last package?
Yeah I got the camping shower. We will try it out this week. Elder Dunford will kill for a warm shower.  I don"t need a birthday present, the best thing you could do is send me photos.  That's all I really need. The truth is you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! For my birthday our lunch ceta will make a cake!!!

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