Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, March 23, 2015

Alright my awesome family not much has happened this week but at the same time a lot has happened. I got my first hair cut in Nicaragua. We went to the local barber named Josea (pronounced Hosway) Anyway, he was a super cool guy. He is not a member but once again super cool. He works in a run down barber shop with a tin roof surrounded by palm tress. He trimmed up our hair and even shaped up our sideburns and neck hair with a straight razor. He did some killer work for 30 cordobas, which is equivalent to a dollar back in the states.
Image result for nicaragua cordoba He made my hair Nica style with pointed sideburns and spiky hair. Hayden and Alex, you definitely want to get pointed side burns, they are the bomb. Other than that not much has happened. This week has been much better for home sickness. In reality I just need to push it aside. These two years are going to fly by, and if I don't use my time as best as I can I will have to face the Lord with it. It's hard work though guys and it takes time. My goal for this week is to talk as much as I can, which basically means stumble through Spanish But Smile While Doing It. The people here are very patient and very loving. They help me with my Spanish and most of them listen to what we say.  Thank you for being patient with me and getting me out here. It's tough work, but it is so worth it. Right now I am already a completely different person than when I left. I still have 22 months to grow and be a new person.
 Hayden and Alex, I want you guys to serve missions. Your mission to what ever place in the world will be your mission. You will meet the coolest people. You will form the strongest connections. You will do some of the craziest things. Please pray now about your mission. Pray about YOUR mission. Not a mission. Not the mission. Pray about your mission. I will tell you right now God knew this would be tough for me. Its hot. The language is tough. I stumble and roll through lessons and conversations.
I have also met the coolest people. My buddies from the MTC are some of my best friends. My buddies in the zone are some of my best friends. I have this awesome connection with the people in the ward and in the city I work in. I can guarantee this mission will be hard. I can guarantee  you will start counting your days as soon as you get to your mission. But I can also guarantee that with time you will become something new, something fresh, something strong, something experienced, someone who knows what they want. someone who is tight with their family, someone who knows their purpose.  I've already written my name in my Preach My Gospel, followed by 2 more Elder Scaggs with a blank space ready for your missions. Pray tonight about YOUR mission.

 I want to know how it goes next P-day I love you guys so much. The Lord is going to bless you guys and me during these two years, soak it up!!!.  When I get back we are going to be the tightest, strongest, dopest, most freaking awesome family on the block. Just you wait guys. I'm bringing back all the traditions of Nicaragua with me.  
Much Luv From your boy in Nicaragua

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  1. Elder Scaggs,
    You're the best with an awesome and humble spirit. Keep up the good work in the Lord's service to meeting the challenge. We love your attitude, divine nature and enthusiasm. Love you Lots!
    Lee & Kerri