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And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chinandega March 30th

Alright I've got some crazy stories for you. First of all its not the rainy season yet. This week we have Semana Santa, that means Easter or Holy Week. Check out the information on how Nicaragua celebrates Easter.

We had a huge conference this month. It was cool, both missions and the mission presidents were there. Nicaragua, Managua North, and Nicaragua, Managua South met in Managua for a great conference. Bishop Dean M. Davies from the Church Presiding Bishopric, and Elder Ochoa from the Quorum of Seventy attended. It's going to be the hottest week in Nicaragua, and I'm in the hottest place in the country, but its all good. By the end of training I'll have a wicked tan. After Semana Santa it rains hard so I'll keep you posted. I am not allowed to take my camera proselyting because we need to be focused, but this next P-day I'll be sure to get pics of yummy weird food, or I may take pictures of our lunch and dinner sitas.  You guys definitely have to visit Nicaragua sometime.
We have the nicest people and everything is dirt cheap, I get meals for 2 dollars. Less than 100 cordobas got me the hot dog and soda.  Monday we had a little party in Corinto for Elder Cua, a missionary who is going home. We ate Ceviche on the beach with a family, it was awesome a little sketchy but I did not get sick, so it's all good.

Question: Show us photos of the food you eat, have you eaten anything weird yet? This question was from Hayden.

Answer: Dude I try to eat normal food, but sometimes I have to ride the risky edge. I have not gotten  super sick yet, but I have gotten diarrhea a few times, not bad though.

I am 3 hours from Managua, so we travel there all the time for meetings on buses and stuff. It's fun, but the buses are super cramped and super hot, its cool though. My area is super poor, lots of metal, cardboard huts, its the life man!!!!  Later in the week we met up with some missionaries to go shopping and we all piled into one car. We managed to fit (?) missionaries into one of these small taxis. We stuffed elders in the and they had to hold the door down or they would fall out.

Later on we met up with an investigator and her Canadian friend. He tried to speak a lil spanish but ended up just speaking english with us. He was cool. He told us about all the service he did for the needy. He also said he ran a surf club on the beach for his church. We asked if his shop was in Chinandega and he said, "no the beachhhhh with water and sand, ya know" we just smiled and said, "is it in Chinandega the providence?" and he said "oh yeah". It was just funny because Elder Smith and I are busting our butts for two years and he's surfing. Anyway, I don't have an assignment in church, and I have not spoken yet. I am in the the singing group for church. (this is most surprising)

Question: What happened on the plane from Salt Lake City to Atlanta 3 weeks ago?  
The following is an email I received 3 weeks ago, and it let me know part of what happened on the plane. I had no idea until I got this from another missionary mom with a daughter in Nicaragua.
 I love this group! All your words of advice and hope are so comforting! Nanette, that's so exciting that our kids were traveling together today! Kara said that there was a guy on their flight from SL that got really sick and they almost had to do an emergency landing. But he said that he knew there were missionaries on the flight so he asked for the elders to give him a blessing! They made it to Atlanta without any unforeseen stops. Isn't that a neat story! What a blessing and example of disciples of Christ these kids are!!

Stephanie Dickey

MM to Hermana Dickey NIC-MANN 1/15-7/16

Answer: Oh!! Elder Martell and I gave a blessing to a man who had kidney stones and was super sick!! It was pretty awesome, we were definitely not expecting it. We gave the blessing in the back of the plane on a small bench!!
Elder Martell, Elder Rendon, Elder Scaggs

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