Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, April 11, 2016

March 21st

 Well, something that made my testimony grow this week was, after days of fighting, and days of praying, asking that things get better, things just got better.  Our problems are lessening and just everything is just getting brighter. Hermana Danie surprised me this week. When we passed by her to bring her to church she told us that her back hurt and that she wouldn't be able to go. We shared a scripture and helped animate her a bit.  In the end she went to church!!!!  A giant miracle, because the rest of our investigators didn't come, but it's all good.  Well, the week has been getting better. Nothing to crazy happened. More than anything this week, surviving was the achievement. My companion Elder Ajquejay and I have plans to better our way of working. I am very grateful for my companion.  He is a very hard worker and works very efficiently. Sometimes the hardest part is just keeping up with him. I know we will have more success this week.

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