Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, April 11, 2016

March 28th

Hey guys this week was a toughie, but so worth it!!!

This week was Semana Santa and in Semana Santa everyone stops working to honor the week...but then they go to beaches and rivers to drink and party, so its a lil crazy. Alright, Easter hear is pretty crazy, for spring break they do this thing called Semana Santa and it's in all of central america. All the cities basically shut down, and all the people head to lake oceans and rivers to drink and swim. Unfortunately, not many people can swim, and not many can drink responsibly, so people end up drowning. It all went well though, we saw some cool catholic parades going around town.  Around Wednesday and Thursday the streets were dead, there was not anybody in the streets and almost all our investigators went to visit family. It all went well though , Hermana Izmara got baptized and confirmed, she is so very cool and has a pure, real desire, to change her life. On Sunday we brought 3 people to church and everything went well. After church we recieved the call that I had changes and I was going to Condega with Elder Alfaro its so dope!!!!!!!!!! Everything is going well guys I love you a ton!!  Im training again and I'm still a leader I am so grateful.  
Elder Alfaro and Awesome Wing Place
My new companion Elder Alfaro and I ate an awesome wing place!!! My new area is still in our zone.  It's like 2 hours away from my old area I'm still in the sam zone.  I was so worried.   I loving being a leader because I learn so much and I have the opportunity to help more people in the district.  It's cool.
 On Sunday, we brought 3 people to church and confirmed Hermana Izmara, she super awesome. She had some doubts in the beginning but her friends helped her out and gave her a good bro talk to pump her up!!!! The change we had was alright, we worked, we baptized, but I know that there were certain things that we could have done better. I'm grateful because Elder Ajquejay taught  me how to work and work hard.   You guys have a ton of potential and Satan knows, he wants to beat you and trick you so keep being dope and don't do what everyone else does!! Dad love you goo bear you dope. Mom your amazing.  I'm so glad you brought top new techno stuff to your class!!! take care guys!!!! love you!!!

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