Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hey guys!!!! this week was great!!!! We spent a great amount of time hopping between cities in Chinandega. Most of our time was spent in Corinto. Corinto is a small beach town 30 minutes from the center of Chinandega. Unfortunatley we are not having much luck with our investigators. One investigator named wants to go to church but her boyfriend  tends to hold her back. We have had a lesson with the boyfriend before. In that lesson he seemed positive, but ever since that lesson we have not had much luck. Our other investigators are families. So far we have only had one lesson with the
mother. She has 2 little boys. She also seemed positive, but when Sunday rolled around she hid from us which was very disappointing. She sent her oldest son with us along with another little boy from a family who lives nearby. The other family already has two members living in the home. The woman who makes our lunch and dinner is a member as well as her oldest daughter. She has 3 daughters in total and the whole family is really cool. Elder Reese and I have really grown close to this family. They are starting to open up to us and hopefully with time they will all be baptized. Their home is sort of like the party house for the block, so every night they have a great amount of cool people out and about in the house. One of which is a 12 year old kid .

We like to mess with him, and he watches out for us. We live with a recent convert. He is  a super awesome member. He attends church almost every Sunday and helps us out whenever we need him. This week I learned that people really are the same. Everybody makes the same excuses, and everybody makes sort of the same mistake. I see a very dumb trend of being married and starting a family with someone else. I cannot count how many times we have worked with families up until the week of their baptism, and it turns out they are married and have lived with a different person for multiple years. I make sure to ask about their family as soon as possible now. Another trend is skipping church to work or wash clothes. The truth is we can all spare at least an hour for sacrament meeting, at least an hour. This week my Spanish has improved greatly. I still stumble through sentences, but right now I'm at the point where I speak Spanish with out thinking. Elder Reese has helped me greatly with this. My crazy story for the week happened on Wednesday. We were having a meeting with the ward mission leader. It went well but after words, a recent convert, who was present at the meeting, passed out. We were giving her a blessing, when boom she just slumped over on Elder Pozuelos. She did these weird spazms. She is better now. Anyway that's my week guys I'll see you next Monday

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