Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bueno!!!! Hey guys, another week in Nicaragua has come and gone. This week we did not do divisions often. I spent the night in Corinto friday night. I worked with Elder Martinez, a killer Guatemalan. We talked  to some awesome people and set baptismal dates. For dinner, we ate pizza at a local pizzeria. The pizza of Corinto is famous, and I testify of its quality. Tripadvisor page Corinto Pizza Restaurant  The pizza down here does not have pizza sauce, so they squirt flavored ketchup on top. I am not the biggest fan of this type of pizza but it's alright. The next morning Elder Reese and I drove back to Chinandega where we split up again. I went with Elder Perkes to some town in the middle of nowhere, while Reese went with Elder Chen to Divino NiƱo. The town Perkes and I visited was very poor, and very very small. They only had wells and maybe 2 or 3 pulperias (stores). Divino has 2 or 3 on every street. Anyway, we drove around with a very patient cab driver for a while to find our investigator. We ended up going off-road.  The taxi was not in good shape, nor built for
off-roading so it got a little sketchy. In our area  Elder Reese and I found more than just a few converts who never come to church. Also, we reactivated a member who has problems with drugs and smoking. We have him commited to go on a mission and are actively helping him turn his life around. So far, he has gone on divisions at least twice in the last week.
Lunch Seta and Family
Elder Scaggs & Elder Smith
The wonderful lady in the middle feeds them lunch and dinner!
OH!  we also managed to bring most of our lunch seta´s family to church. Her name is Hermana Sandra, and she is a member but rarely attends church. Her oldest daughter is a member as well, but we are working with her whole family. Honestly, in just the past two weeks, we, especially Elder Reese, have made a difference in their lives. On Wednesday, Elder Reese highlighted a few points in the church magazine ...the liahona... and gave them to the two youngest daughters. Of course, we intend to baptize their family, but more importantly we want to strengthen them and give them the security that we have. I know that the Gospel will enhance their lives totalmente.
Photo from Google Chat on Mother's Day
This was outside the lunch seta's house!
 Also, we talked with our families this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had to talk with them. I have little to no time in Nicaragua, but with the little time I have, I realized that families are the only things we really have in this life. Everything comes and goes, but families don't. Enjoy your time with the fam guys !!!!!!!!
Your Boy Down in Nicaragua

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