Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alright guys this week was fairly chill until Wednesday, when we had a meeting in Managua with Presidente. (Managua is 2.5 hours away)  We rode the bus. Those rides are hot, and they are long, but they are also fun. The Nicaraguan's play American music from the 70's a lot. This meeting was definitely a game changer. Thursday we worked in our area, then Friday we had another meeting with Presidente in Estela. Two zones attended this meeting, Chinandega and Chinandega Oeste. We were taught a few things then split apart for intercambios. Every person switched companions for the day and were given specific goals to acomplish. I went to Corinto with Elder CedeƱo for the day. We did not complete all of the goals, but we managed to accomplish a great amount of things in very little amount of time. I was given many opportunities to practice my teaching skills. I love intercambios because they give me the chance to try different ways of teaching, and learn from other missionaires. We also managed to reactivate a drug addict from Divino. He has been having alot of trouble with crack, marijuana, and cigarettes, but now he is back on track and preparing for a mission. This week he has made a great amount of progress. He is reading in El Libro de Mormon, going to church, going to church activities, looking for a job, and working with us almost everyday. On Friday, Elder Reese met with one of this man's smoking friends. We taught him on Saturday and Sunday as well. The lesson on Sunday was very powerful. It began a little choppy, and he was a little offensive.  But, as the lesson progressed, and as his family joined us his whole attitude changed. By the end of the lesson he was set on changing his life and bringing his family with him. We set a date to marry and baptize their family. The spirit was very strong in the lesson. I know that this change is only possible because the Restored Gospel Of Jesus Christ is real. Anybody can change and reach their fullest potential in this life if they are willing to follow the pure teachings of Christ.
Thats it for me this week Love you guys!!!!

Photo of Elder Reese holding soda in a bag.
They sell soda and drinks in bags in Nicaragua. The table to the left is our desk.  Notice our closet in the background.

They get rid of their garbage differently down here, so the message on this wall is most ironic.
Don't throw garbage.  Don't be a pig.

More goofy photos in tiny vehicles.

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