Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 22nd


Alright, first of all, thank you so much for writing me everyone one of you!!! 

Answers to Questions

How do you feel about having less than a year left?
1-How, do I feel having less than a year left, honestly so pumped!!!! I feel like I'm going to the Celestial Kingdom.

Describe the area.
2- Here the area is very mountainous. There are a ton of churches here, so it's a little different than my old areas. The people here are very friendly, and there is not much crime. Most of the people here make bread or work in the mountains.  Our area here is super rich, the only place I have seen that has 3 story houses, it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.    We have to go to Esteli to do baptisms.  We don't have a font here.

3- I enjoy learning more, even though it's hard.  Now that I'm with Ajquejay, a native companion, I'm learning more style of teaching and I'm learning more Spanish. This change has taught me that none of us are perfect and every day we just gotta better our way of working and teaching. We work together with another companionship hear in Trinidad, and they live right next to us, so when we are free we talk a lot. They are big fans of Hogans Heroes!!!!

Do you do any trading with other missionaries?
4- I love my comp, he helps me a lot, and there is a ton of trading in the mission.  If I need something I just look and ask. We trade ties and all sorts of stuff.

How are you doing?
I'm doing so great, it's stressful, but I love it.  I feel like I actually have a purpose.  This week I did an interview for a baptism, and I felt this overwhelming joy to be helping someone out, really helping them with their doubts and fears.  My greatest fear is that the Lord won't trust me, and I won't be able to have this privilege for long.

Nothing to crazy happened this week. On Tuesday, we had a multi zone conference with President. I learned again that knocking  on doors is almost useless. Sure, we can find people who are ready to change their lives, but those who have more help are the friends of members. In two days we found more positive people than we have found in 2 weeks. It's not complicated either, you just need to be a friend. Unfortunately, no one came to church with us.  This Sunday we are going to walk with them to church, so it is much easier. We also learned that The Book of Mormon is a very powerful tool in bringing souls to Christ if it is used correctly. Elder Ajquejay and I have been using scriptures that are short and direct, ones that teach us that through true repentance and baptism we can receive forgiveness for our sins and live with our Heavenly Father again. Before,  I was afraid to be so direct, but Elder Ajquejay has helped me realize that the only we can help is by being direct. It's like a doctor or a surgeon, if they just beat around the bush instead of telling us what's going on, nothing gets done. God wants us to know the key to happiness and we need to be direct in teaching it and not have fear.

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