Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 8th La Trinidad

Nicaragua's Band of Spiritual Warriors

Hey guys it's good old Elder Scaggs here,
So I had changes and I am now in Esteli with Elder Ajquejay.  He came with me, or in other words we have the same time in the mish.  We are kind of opening an area with Elder Warden and Brown.  The area is called La Trinidad and it is gorgeous.  Right now we are in the mountains, so all around the city there are mountains.  La Trinidad is in the center of a grand canyon.
 There are few members here. About 7 are members and almost all are recent converts of Elder Warden.  These people are amazing. I have never seen recent converts that are so into the gospel.  Every time we have baptisms the entire congregation goes with us to Esteli.  Right now the church is a little house, and we have an attendance of about 16-19 people.  To be a rama we need 30 baptized people.  We should hit that mark soon with four missionaries.  Elder Ajequay and I have seen a ton of miracles this week and we have learned so much.  As leaders Ajequay and I need to lead the pack.  So we need to work doubly hard and doubly diligently.  Before when the end of the week came along I would let the tiredness bring me down a bit.  As leaders we can't slack off, we've gotta be talking with everyone and helping out our district.  Elder Ajequejay compared it to Achilles or Leonidis.  They were leaders who were first into battle.  They did not ask anything of their soldiers unless they did it themselves.  That's the kind of leaders we want to be.  Instead of commanding and demanding we are going to work ourselves super hard and earn the respect of our district.  So they will have confidence in us and the inspiration to do the same.

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