Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 11th

So this weekend the greatest guy in the world decided to get baptized. His name is Juan and he is one of the most honest and most dedicated converts we have had. He works with us, talks with us, and actually wants to learn, instead of saying yeah yeah mhm  si si claro que si. He plans to be a missionary and he is already working with us in La Paz to help build the rama (branch).
 Hey guys this week was a fight to the death to keep our head above the water, We had to look, teach and prepare for baptism. It all worked out really well but it was tough. At the end of the week we managed to bring Hermano Juan to baptism. He is a great guy and loves to learn. He is also very humble which has allowed him to forget about the worldy things that hold us back and seek our Heavenly Father. We have seen others who want to change but cannot manage to leave the world behind. Elder Williams and I are working hard here in La Paz. I'm really thankful for my companion Elder Williams. This week he has really taken the lead while I have been sick, and in the end he has learned a ton and is super awesome. I'm excited to see where he will go and who he will become in the mission. He teaches in a  very clean very direct manner which causes the people to think and to act in a very secure and sure way. We have finally gotten down a pattern of teaching and we are making it work.
Frijoles con Crema
 So the converts that I relate to the most are almost all of them. I really love spending time with them and I've been here for a while so they feel like the are my family. For me its really hard not to spend two or 3 hours with them. One family talks to us and asks us questions so that we can't leave. With the family of Juana and Jose she always invites us over to eat tacos.  We try to split up in the mornings so we can pass by more people, but basically we go to the most positive people and wait and walk with them to church.  So, unfortunately New Year's is a lot bigger than Christmas, but it's still fun. Everybody buys fireworks and gets super super drunk and they blow up scarecrow doll things that represent the old year. They make the maniken look like an old man and they fill it full of firecrackers and blow it up. We were sleeping by that point but we definitely heard it.

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