Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29th Leap Year & Baptism

Hey guys, I'm doing fantastic, we finally had success this week. More than anything, this week we learned that you have to do anything to get success. We were doing well this week, chugging along finding people, when boom, Wednesday hit and everyone of our appointments fell. That day was horrible. Missionary work is like working out at the gym.  If I want to get big and pumped I need to set goals and make plans.  I also need to work hard and consistently.  If I give it everything consistently I will see results.  We contacted and visited members to resupply our teaching pool but that day was a big downer. Wednesday night we planned and went to bed. Thursday night we made back up plans for all our appointments, we did a whole bunch of stuff to not have a another bad day. It worked, we found a whole bunch of people and committed a whole bunch of people to baptism. At the end of the week we brought 4 investigators to church!!!!!.  Also, this week one of our investigators Jose got baptized. His nick name is el venado which means deer. We only call him deer. At his baptism one of the members made a pretty good joke, he said " here in the Trinidad we are going to have the first deer to be baptized, what a miracle." We also committed Satan to get baptized. Everyone here in the Trinidad are known for their nicknames. On Thursday we passed  some people referred by a member. Her name is Guadalupe and her husband is named Jose but everyone calls him Satanas. He said he wants to change, but smoothly. It's pretty funny teaching lessons with him because whenever we talk about Satanas it's like we are talking to him. Everything is going great, we are excited to see el venado progress. He has had an awesome change in his life.  He has stopped drinking, smoking and everything.  He wants to help out his dad so he can get baptized as well.

Answers to Questions:

What do you do when you get up?
 In the morning I get up and go work out for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, then I eat some breakfast.  I try my best to read a lil bit to practice Spanish, but I've been bad about that lately. 

Do you think and dream in Spanish?
Oh yeah, I think and dream in Spanish all the time. Speaking Spanish is so awesome.  I love to study it, and I want to study more languages when I get back.

How do the people live?
Here in Esteli the poor live well.  There are very few plastic houses, and the poor live in big cement houses. The rich live in 3 story houses in the center and they have some bills!!!! The bread is sold in bags like in the states but its more commonly sold in bakeries in loaves, little pieces, in rolls, and stuff like that. The biggest bakery in Nicaragua is here in la Trinidad

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