Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 25th The Lord Loves You Mom


  • What can you get there that you can't get here?
  • What makes it hard for them to do well or survive?
  • Who has made a difference in your life as a missionary or otherwise?
  • Your Dad is interested in how you feel about your mission right now?
  •   ready for a new area/not ready for a new area

So the fruits that we eat here that we don't get in the states are mangos. Yeah we can get mangos in the states but here there are so many that people throw them away. They are amazing. You can eat them when they are ripe or when they aren't it works well. The fruits here thrive because its super hot and super tropical. My mission president has made a huge difference in my mission, as well as my patriarchal blessing,  the scriptures, and prayer. Before the mission I didn't really use those resources well but here on the mission that is all we have.  I have received so much revelation and so much help just by using it a lil bit. Those things have saved my butt every week. So right now in the mission I feel pretty good about it but just recently I've felt just so great. With Elder Williams I feel like the missionary I want to be. We are honest, we are hard workers, and on many occasions we have exhausted ourselves on the street and kept working to complete our goals. Dad I now understand exactly what you have told me before, Elder Williams and I are doing our best down here. I want to complete a year in La Paz Centro, and I want to leave this area better than I picked it up.
This next message made me cry.
Mom I thank you every week but I want to thank you again. At the end of every week I'm tired, I'm beat, I'm kinda sad, and I look forward to your messages, because I know you always help me out. You always make sure that I have something to read. Mom you are doing a great job please keep it up. Even though you may not see all the results from your work now, you will see the results. Don't loose hope, keep reading, keep praying.  The lord loves you mom the lord is well aware of you.

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