Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2nd Baptisms Jeffery Cherlin

What's up guys!!!
This week has been pretty good. Elder Lopez and I have worked pretty hard this week. There is always room to improve. In my opinion we have just cracked the surface of the things we can do. As of right now we are working hard to turn La Paz Centro into a ward. We need 100 people for attendance and 15 priesthood holders who are active and paying tithing. Right now we've got 8 or 9 and we've got a few lined up for baptism. This week we learned that to be a successful missionary you gotta learn to to work efficiently and you gotta be obedient with exactness. Before Elder Lopez and I were not the most obedient and we had some success. Now Elder Lopez and I have commited to be more and more obedient everyday. With this combo we are metaphorically cooking with gasoline. This week we have found so many `people who are just so dope and so ready. I can now see that obedience allows us to work harder and see more miracles. It's tough but the rewards are pretty sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys this week we had some baptisms, we baptized 2 Jeffery's and a Cherlin. Two were from a less active family that just recently reactivated. Its a family of three, the father Jader and his 2 kids. They are incredibly poor but have a ton of faith. The other young man is named Jeffrey and he is from another less active family. We are working to get them back to church.  To finish off I have some cool stories. Today we ate this super weird meat that looked super sketchy its called sawana or something. It is super good and cheap . I'm hoping I don't get sick. Also, I'm working on my paca purchasing skills. A paca is basically a used stuff store. They are everywhere here. Today we were walking and I spotted a Jurassic park bag that is super small and perfect for my scriptures and pamphlets boom!!! Right on the spot, I bought for a few bucks. Earlier,  I got a Deadpool shirt which was pretty sick. I'll keep you guys posted !!!

I forgot to tell you guys that they do not celebrate Halloween down here. They think everyone in the states are weird and crazy and worship the devil and witches because we celebrate Halloween. Today is the day of the dead . Everyone goes to the cemetery to clean grave sites and adorn the graves with flowers.
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