Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Monday, November 23, 2015

October 26th

Meeting in Managua with Cliff Bars from care package!!!

Hey guys whats up!!!!
So this week we had a few people who were preparing to get baptized but unfortunately they were not able to. We have been looking for a ton of people and putting a bunch of baptismal dates, but unfortunately we forgot to take care of those who we found. We had been teaching them, but not as frequently as we should have, we had been focusing too much on finding. But it's all good, we will turn things around this week. So this week we had interviews with President and they went well. President showed us somethings that we can do better and we plan to make it happen. On Saturday we went to Managua to listen to a couple talks by general authorities. They talked about a ton of stuff and everyone learned a lot. The coolest thing that happened this week is a less active got reactivated. This less active had left his family and was roaming the streets. His marriage was in the dump and his family was suffering. This week he talked to the stake president in Leon to get things straightened out and now he is a new man!!!! He now smiles, he laughs, he talks with his family, he talks with his wife like they are best friends. I have seen a huge change in him and he didn't need to do much. He took a small step and that step changed everything with the help of God of course.  
Bus Ride

Some other things that happened this week, Snickers are imported to Nicaragua so they are pretty expensive and rare.
Snickers Bar
We can only find them in big grocery stores, so my comp and I bought a few there so dope!!!!!! The whole zone had interviews on Wednesday, it was pretty cool.  We are all in the bus in the picture. I got  a lil carsick on that ride but other than that its all chill. I found a sick gecko in the house and it peed all over my hand  I got a killer package with Poptarts and gummie sharks and a whole ton of cliff bars, so dope!! and a Jurassic park shirt!!!
That's all for this week...oh wait I forgot to tell you guys that here in Nicaragua a popular name for Jesus Christ is Papa Chus I love it!!!!!!  This little guy is the son of one of our investigators.

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