Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Saturday, November 7, 2015

September 28th Baptisms La Paz Centro

Hey Guys,
So we finished up with another change in Nicaragua. Elder Lopez and I are still together and he is now District Leader. We are both excited for this change, and we expect to have a great amount of success. So this week was pretty awesome. On Saturday, the family we have been teaching got married and were baptized as well.
The couple that got married are awesome, they are named Juana and Jose! Their daughter Gretel was baptized too. Before they finally got baptized a lot of things happened. During the week we passed by their house to teach, prepare, and prevent them from falling. Everything was super chill until Friday night. After their baptism, they told us that Friday night they had a little argument that turned into a huge fight, and Juana had decided that she was not going to get married or baptized, and was going to leave.
The truth is they were fighting over something super small and sort of funny, but somehow it exploded. Jose was thinking clearly and told Juana that satan fighting to prevent them from taking this step in their lives. After Jose spoke to Juana she realized that the argument was nothing and they made up, after that everyone was chill again and were determined to get baptized. I feel like I did not explain what happened very well, but do your best to imagine it.  From our experiences with Juana and Jose I have learned that some people learn faster than others, intelligence has nothing to do with it.

Last week they told us that they wanted more time because they didn't want to take such a huge step with out being super prepared. We had almost taught them everything at that point so we knew they we ready and only needed to take a step of faith. Jose told us that he did not understand baptism very well and did not understand why it was important for them to get baptized. He also told us that he was smoking and didn't want to get baptized with this addiction. We explained everything and we challenged him to stop smoking with a goal and stick to it. We asked if he was willing to get baptized with his original date and he told us " ya i will do it" without hesitation. Juana did not say yes and told us that they would talk together later and give us an answer the following day. Everything worked out and Jose quit smoking long before his baptism.  Jose is super dope and has plans to be a teacher in the church. He told us that he feels completely changed and has a desire to serve. He is going to kill it and we are going to help him.

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