Mathew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee
to go a mile, go with him twain.
Matthew 5:41

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October 5th La Paz Centro

Well Guys this week was pretty cool.
We haven't seen anything too crazy but we have definitely learned a lot. My companion is District Leader now, so he has been adjusting to that and he is doing great. When it comes to numbers at night it turns into a team effort, I add things, he adds things, and in the end it all works out. So... we went to Leon with all of the zone, we played soccer and it was so sick!!! Then, after words we went to Burger King and we used coupons, you'd be proud of me (I always use your card when going to BK). We also used coupons in the grocery store then we headed home!  We started contacting in another poor area in La Paz Centro called El Granero and 17 de Julio. These areas aren't as poor as el Kilombo, but its pretty poor. The first day we started contacting there we found a couple positive people and set a few baptismal goals with a family. They are progressing pretty well and have gone to conference with us. Like our recent convert Jose, this family does not have much knowledge of the scripture.  They are learning fast and its solid.
I love all the times we spent watching conference in the house!!!! My companion and I headed to the stake center in Leon to watch conference it was pretty cool and we learned a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our recent convert Jose went to the priesthood session on Saturday and both sessions on Sunday. He is awesome and is super dedicated. When we called him to ask if he was going to go with us he simply said yes without excuse or complaint. He is super awesome and I know he will be a killer member and leader of the church!!! Conference was so dope!!!!!!!! Recently, Russel M. Nelson visited the mission in Nicaragua.  When I asked Easton how it felt to see him on TV during conference, this was his response. It was weird, but it was cool, I felt like I kinda new him lol.  I loved all the talks from the first session on Saturday.  The talk about "ponderizing" scriptures was amazing.  I learned so many things and I plan to make a lot of changes to my life as a missionary and in my life as a person and Son of God here on Earth.
Love you guys a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep rocking it

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